Friday, September 24, 2010

    This is Detroit. So when you're walking around you have to expect the occasional person asking you for money*. You don't, however, have to expect it in your dinning room. Unless of course you live here.

    The south side of our place lines an alley. An alley that isn't always used for the most legal (or sanitary for that matter) of purposes**. The people who do occupy the alley though have never given us a problem. They ignore us, and we ignore them. Well...they used to ignore us***...

"escuse me miss"

    As I turn around there is a man standing on the other side of my gated window.

"escuse me miss, I'm tryin to get some food from the restaurant over there. Could you help me out?"

    My roommate B asked him if he wanted some snacks****. He mumbled something that we figured was some form of yes. So she went to get an apple and a pear for him. When she got back he had wondered away so we left them on the window sill for him. He eventually meandered back and passed on the fruit*****.

    Needless to say the windows are closed now. And the blinds are drawn. And if you're hungry...there's still an apple and a pear on our window sill.

*And sometimes, your number.

**No need to worry, Mom. Wayne State Police patrol our area very well. And also, we learned our lesson about open windows and alleys.

***Ok, we have to take some responsibility for this. I mean, we did open our windows. If this were twitter, here is where I would say #StillLearning.

**** "This is NOT a drive thru" -B to me

****Whoever said beggars can't be choosers, never met a beggar.

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