Monday, November 8, 2010

This is a story all about how
My Birthday got flipped, turned upside down
So I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
And I'll tell you how Lady Danville* came and did damage repair**...

    This week I turned 26***. However, almost all of the things that were suppose to make it a good time, well, fell apart. Through no fault of my own or anyone else. My birthday was a victim of uncontrollable circumstance.

    So I decided that I should be awarded a Birthday redo.

    Birthday redo was the day after my actual birthday.**** I went to the Lady Danville/Ben Folds show...

    Oh, Lady Danville...

   These guys are so legit. They are great people who play great music. They have this indie-poppy-folky sound. Kind of like a Gustery vibe with 3 part harmonies and sometimes a ukulele. Sadly, they played a short set, but they made the most of every second. The crowd loved them. So did the roommates and I. Also, they put me on the guest list so I literally got to walk up to Will Call and say "I'm on the band's Guest List." Life goal accomplished.

    After the show, some friends and I went to The Bronx Bar, my absolute favorite bar in Detroit. Conveniently located 2 blocks from my house. Friends showered me with drinks, a favorite being the Gummy Bear shot. It was delicious and effective. Everything I look for in a drink.***** After the bar the guys of Lady Danville, Michael, Dan and Matt, came over. Couchsurfing kicks ass.

    We had a late night pasta feast and enjoyed each others company and good music. They were funny and witty and so much fun to hang out with. They jammed, we sang along, we all dinned and had intelligent conversation. I loved it. If they lived in Detroit we would invite them over all the time. In fact, they have an open invite and are welcome anytime. The morning was filled with Avalon baked goods, straight off the plane coffee from Honduras, more good music and laughs. Unfortunately, we didn't get to really show them around the city. But we're hoping they'll be back in Detroit again soon, headlining their own tour, and will give us a call.

...And that is the story of how Lady Danville saved my birthday...

Also, Ben Folds was good too. But he didn't save my birthday.

Check out Lady Danville:

* I'm pretty sure they don't capitalize the L or D in their name, but it feels so wrong to type a proper name and not capitalize it. And since it's my blog, CAPITALIZATION FOR EVERYONE!

**Not my best rhyming.

***I only cried once, so I think I handled it pretty well.

****But it was decided my birthday should and will always be celebrated on that day, since actual birthday was so unfortunate for so many people. It was an infectious disease that seeped into the lives of many.

*****Sorry, Mom.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My back is freaking on fire.*

    As the unbearable Michigan heat quickly turns into unbearable Michigan cold we, here at the 2nd Ave. house, have begun to prepare for Winter.

    Our first step was learning to master the death trap in our living room.

     That's right. While you in the suburbs have your fireplaces and central heating we, in the city, have a steady flow of Carbon Monoxide set aflame.** We do have radiators in most rooms but they haven't really been working.***

      Other Winter Preparations: Saving for a Parka.

        Public transportation + Winter + Me = I hate my life.

        Public transportation + Winter + Me + $300 Parka = I hate my life, but at least I'll be able to feel my limbs.

      Oh well, at least I'll be able to curl up with a book and my fiery Carbon Monoxide after I trudge home from the bus stop.

*The obvious solution is to go sit somewhere else, but I don't feel like it. 

** Should probably add Carbon Monoxide Detector to shopping list.

***Which is fine, because when they are working they sound like men breathing heavily by our bed sides. An unsettling sound no matter where you live.