Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My back is freaking on fire.*

    As the unbearable Michigan heat quickly turns into unbearable Michigan cold we, here at the 2nd Ave. house, have begun to prepare for Winter.

    Our first step was learning to master the death trap in our living room.

     That's right. While you in the suburbs have your fireplaces and central heating we, in the city, have a steady flow of Carbon Monoxide set aflame.** We do have radiators in most rooms but they haven't really been working.***

      Other Winter Preparations: Saving for a Parka.

        Public transportation + Winter + Me = I hate my life.

        Public transportation + Winter + Me + $300 Parka = I hate my life, but at least I'll be able to feel my limbs.

      Oh well, at least I'll be able to curl up with a book and my fiery Carbon Monoxide after I trudge home from the bus stop.

*The obvious solution is to go sit somewhere else, but I don't feel like it. 

** Should probably add Carbon Monoxide Detector to shopping list.

***Which is fine, because when they are working they sound like men breathing heavily by our bed sides. An unsettling sound no matter where you live.


  1. That looks like one of those bug zapper things. Do you guys make s'mores with that?

  2. hahaha I just lol'd so much about the radiators sounding like men breathing heavily by your bedside. Might be my favorite set of sentences you've ever written!

  3. 1) We'll be home in December...I've never been to Detroit--so we'll probably invite ourselves over. Hope that's okay :)

    2) Buy an electric blanket. Fire hazard, yes. But, makes a HUGE difference to crawl into a pre-heated bed. We even put ours under our bottom sheet (probably exponentially increasing the risk of fire hazards, but whatever...)-it keeps the bed toasty...:)

    See you soon!!!!

  4. I suggest hand and toe warmers!

  5. after i had been traveling around a bit..."a bit" meaning five plus years keeping a mean average temp of nothing less than seventy degrees anywhere i went. ...i finally returned to detroit and braved these winters i had learned to escape. while whining and carrying on about how i felt like the bitter cold may be perhaps killing me slowly a girl said this to me....
    "Ryan , you just have to accept the cold and let it be a part of you. Just accept it okay."

    I have been through quite a few winters since then....

    I am not sure if I accept them yet or not.

    I really like your blog.